Sponsorship Program

Find out how you can help others help themselves

When individuals are looking to get back on their feet after a life-changing setback, they are often financially challenged and unable to access the types of transformative programs and follow-up services they so desperately need. People who want to help can take a very tangible action: committing to sponsor one or more individuals for our programming and supportive services.

Sponsorship Details

When we launch our sponsorship program, you'll be able to give someone full access to:

Next Steps

Upon making your payment, you will be matched with one or more recipients who will be immediately enrolled to start the process. (Or, if you already have a specific person you want to sponsor, just let us know.) As a sponsor, you will get:

* This is optional. 2nd Opportunity will facilitate the exchange of the progress reports and personal notes to preserve the anonymity of both the sponsor and the recipient unless both parties agree to direct contact.

True Impact

See Your Dollars Make a Difference

Our programs help individuals overcome negative life-changing events so they can move forward with dignity and purpose, while also becoming productive, self-sufficient members of society. When you become a 2nd Opportunity sponsor, your money won’t get absorbed into operating costs or fundraising expenses.

It will directly help one or more individuals find hope for a better future – and give them a plan to get there. You will hear from the human beings you are helping and see the impact you are having in their lives. What could be more rewarding than that?

This program is very helpful and breaks things down to a science. It also preps you by pointing you in the right direction of the things you want to pursue.

Anibal R.

Program Participant, Kane County Jail
I wanted to personally tell you how much it meant to me having you stopping by to educate me, and everyone, for those seven weeks. I honestly looked forward to every Wednesday simply for class.

Ivan S.

Program Participant, Kane County Jail