We are equipping individuals with the power to positively change their lives by providing life skills programs and a pathway to meaningful employment to realize their SECOND OPPORTUNITY.

Perhaps you or someone close to you has been helped through a period of your life which included alcohol or substance abuse; perhaps you or someone close to you spent some time in jail; perhaps you or someone close to you is a Veteran that has struggled upon return to society; or perhaps your concern for today’s youth and the seemingly endless occurrences of street violence.

There is great demand for our programs. Many Nonprofit Organizations contact us about providing some or all of our programming. The desired result is the same: to help the populations they serve obtain meaningful employment. The reality is that programming costs money, as does the enrolling of employers, and the ongoing support provided to program participants.

You can sponsor specific groups aligned with your “cause” to know who’s lives you are impacting. We arrange for you to contribute to the 501c3 where the programming will be held. Therefore your contribution is tax deductible and 2nd Opportunity, L3C is engaged by the organization to provide access to our Life Skill and Employment Readiness Training Programs.

Please fill out the information on the Contact Us page so we can contact you about the sponsorship opportunities that presently exist. You can make a difference in the lives of others while simultaneously improving the society in which we live.