We’ve evolved from wanting to make a difference, to making a difference in the lives of those who have earned a SECOND OPPORTUNITY.

While incarcerated, Augie participated in a Community Outreach Program speaking in high schools, universities, and businesses. At the same time he was working in the education department to develop various programs and curriculum; instructing more than 100 courses. it was the combination of these “unique” experiences that lead to his first post-incarceration job. He was hired to serve as the Director of Training and Development for OSG Global; the intention was to bring meaningful training programs to the corporate world.

However fate had a different plan in store. Augie was introduced to the Cook County Department of Corrections Program Division who requested a meeting. Upon hearing of the programs and background, they asked him to present inside Cook County Jail, the largest single site jail in the United States. It was at this point the emphasis from doing corporate work shifted to focusing time and resources on the Nonprofit and Government Agency world. It became a mission to impact these under-served communities.

With this, 2nd Opportunity, L3C was born. Dan Effrein stepped in to serve as Managing Member and added Joe Hennessy and Jim Graca to the team. Donna Sarovich, Augie’s cousin, joined the group to fulfill her desire to give back to society. Shortly thereafter, 2nd Opportunity started presenting adapted versions of the programming at Substance Abuse Recovery Centers, with at-risk-youth, Veteran’s Groups, and in Workforce Development Organizations. This in addition to the expanding presence in prisons and jails. There is a demand for this type of content and hope inspiring presentations.

Augie had been aware of the recidivism facts for a long time, seeing men leave prison, only to return at some future date. He knew 3 of 4 who leave prison return within 5 years. What he didn’t know is that 89% of those that return were unemployed at the time of their arrest.

2nd Opportunity, L3C is collaborating with nonprofit organizations to help create programs to support employers that hire from the under served populations in which 2nd Opportunity functions. This, in addition to providing ongoing support for formerly incarcerated individuals as they reintegrate into society.

Stay tuned for the next phase of the Evolution.