We are equipping individuals with the power to positively change their lives by providing life skills programs and a pathway to meaningful employment to realize their SECOND OPPORTUNITY.

Values-Aligned Goal Setting ©

Values Aligned Goal Setting is an interactive workshop created to help individuals rebound from Life Changing Events. It consists of 8-hours of material and is accompanied with a workbook. Throughout the process individuals will determine their values and be assisted in defining their Bedrock and Building goals as well as determining the Specific Activities necessary in pursuing these goals. There are various versions adapted and presented to At-Risk-Youth, Substance Abuse Recovery Programs, Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals, Veteran’s Groups, and Workforce Development Organizations. Individual sessions are also available to assist in completing the material.

Pathway to Entrepreneurship

Teaches individuals the skills necessary to plan and organize a business. The focus is on validating a business idea and converting it to a business model. Once the model is developed it can be expanded into a business plan. Information is presented about financing, leadership, ethics, and networking. Individual sessions are available to assist in the process.

A Path to Financial Freedom

A Path to Financial Freedom is a program designed to instruct the fundamentals of functioning in today’s financial world. Basic skills to be covered include opening and operating a checking account, obtaining an automobile, obligations with respect to tax filing, employment forms, how to build credit, and how to to securing a residence.

Communication Skills

This Program instructs on the 4 basic styles of communication and helps individuals to modify their style to be most effective. the outcome is especially useful in interacting with employers, coworkers, family members, and authority figures. Role playing is a significant part of the instruction process.