2nd Opportunity works to equip vulnerable populations with the skill sets and tools they need to put the past in the past and move forward to a fulfilling life. Our programming is geared toward anyone experiencing a setback and looking to start on a new path, including those currently and formerly incarcerated, people recovering from a substance abuse disorder, individuals who have endured a painful loss such as divorce, job loss or the death of a loved one, people battling loneliness, and those who simply know they need to change the trajectory of their lives.

Our transformational programs are taught by mentors with lived experience – people who have been there and come out on the other side. That deep understanding of the challenges of starting over after a traumatic event shows in the practical tips and real-life examples mentors weave into the course content, but also in their empathy and sincere desire to help others grow and thrive.

Currently, the programs are delivered live – either in person or virtually – to groups of varying sizes over multiple sessions. Each program typically takes a total of 12-15 hours, including the time spent independently completing workbooks in between sessions. Soon, the programs will also be available on tablets and as part of a website launching in 2021.



We know firsthand that in order to rebound from life’s falls, individuals need a well-constructed plan and access to resources and support. That’s why, in addition to our programming, 2nd Opportunity provides a comprehensive support network to help individuals as they start and continue down their new path. Resources available through the support network include:

    • Housing Referrals 
    • Substance Abuse Recovery Resources
    • Job Placement Referrals
    • Skills Development Training

To help connect participants with those who have walked the same path, we also provide peer support groups, including virtual job clubs and mentor support.


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