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Our individual journeys may be different, but our stories are similar.  We have all been given a SECOND OPPORTUNITY.


After graduating from St. Joseph’s College in Indiana, Augie founded and operated a Financial Planning and Business Consulting Firm for 17 years.  In the late 1990’s he made a series of bad decisions that were contrary to his values and upbringing.  He served 12 years in a Federal Prison convicted of white collar crimes after getting involved in investment transactions that were unethical.

He used this time to reflect, read, write, study and speak about ethics, his failures, and the lessons he learned.  He also researched, created, and taught Values-Aligned Goal Setting, a comprehensive program that teaches a system for those who have experienced a Life Changing Event to formulate and execute a pan to successfully overcome these challenges. It is accompanied by an 80-page workbook. His unique perspective is extremely valuable to the training and development programs he offers.

He is currently a MBA candidate, completing his course work with a concentration on Leadership Skills and in 2018 completed Loyola University – Chicago Quinlan School of Business Ethics Certificate Master’s program.  Augie brings an undeniable passion about ethics and goal setting to individuals and groups seeking to “organize their thoughts.”  In addition, he has spoken on numerous occasions at universities and within business communities.  Recently he has been committing a lot of time with Workforce Development Organizations and with incarcerated or recently released individuals. He is known for his candor and openness in discussing his experience and the resulting lessons.

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Dan Effrein, graduated from Indiana University, in Bloomington Indiana with a BA in Economics. He has spent over 30 years in the Property & Casualty insurance industry specializing in commercial insurance and risk management. He holds CPCU, RPLU, & ARM-E designations. 

During this time, he worked as an underwriter for a large Chicago based insurance company in sales for an insurance agency and over 15 years as an owner of an insurance agency. 

Currently Dan is the managing member of 2nd Opportunity, L3C and his dedication serves the mission of bringing meaningful content and programs to communities of individuals that may have struggled in the past and need support in pursuit of a better path and a better opportunity. His role is to lead the effort to bring together government agencies, non-for-profit organizations, and the private sector to assist the populations served by 2nd Opportunity. 

Dan and his family reside in the western suburbs. 

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Donna J Sarovich is an Arts graduate of the College of DuPage and a mother of 5 grown children. She is owner of Santosha Enviornmental Design; creating Interior Design and Exterior Landscape Design. Santosha Enviornmental Design specializes in healing spaces using the Ancient Art of Feng Shui. Her clients include million dollars condos and homes in the River north area of Chicago and Western Suburbs.

Donna’s work experience has included management for Bloomingdales, Home Store, as a Personal Shopper/Designer, and as an American Laser Manager. Her previous work experience has provided her the ability to work collaboratively with individuals and businesses, with the intention of bringing meaning and purpose by creating an objective plan. She focuses on connecting client needs and mastering their wants and desires creating the key component to her success by executing the goal. Donna’s talent includes working with non-for-profits while focusing on utilizing her skills to assist in development, financing, leadership and networking.

Augie is Donna’s cousin and his story and life changing events were the inspiration for her to become a staff member within the company. The Values-Aligned Goal Setting program solidified her dedication of his Life Changing Events to help promote and create a pathway to the celebration of his life work. She participates in helping connect Outreach programs, and the Work Force development for 2nd Opportunity’s “Value Aligned Goal Setting Program.” She takes pride in empowering people to aspire, transform and sustain their lives by earning a living wage.

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In 1982 Joe graduated with honors from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in Accounting. He joined the Chicago office of Touche Ross (now Deloitte) as a member of their Tax Consulting Practice. His clients included those in the real estate, insurance, and manufacturing industries; included family-owned and publicly traded companies; and ranged in size from the middle market to multinational firms. He was recruited to become the financial officer for a new real estate venture formed with William Blair & Company in 1985, developing a national commercial real estate portfolio.

Joe used this tax and financial expertise to form Resources Planning Group (RPG) with members of his family. For almost 25 years, RPG provided financial planning services to individuals, businesses and their owners with offices in Chicago, Indiana, Iowa and Ohio.

Joe has worked in business development since the formation of 2nd Opportunity, L3C in 2018. The mission of 2nd Opportunity is to provide training and development programs to those recovering from life changing events, or seeking skills training to elevate their work opportunities.


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