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Need a fresh start? Or want to help give one to someone else? You’re in the right place.

2nd Opportunity’s programming is geared toward anyone who has experienced a life-changing setback and wants to start down a new path, as well as the family members and friends looking to support them. While many individuals will fall into more than one group, we suggest you select the one that is currently presenting the most challenges in your or your loved one’s life.

In addition to individuals, we work with like-minded organizations to provide our programming to their populations and work with employers to raise awareness about hiring from traditionally marginalized groups.

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Formerly Incarcerated

Individuals being released from jail or prison face a number of barriers to re-entry, not the least of which is finding meaningful employment at a living wage. But you don’t have to do it all alone. Our program presenters have walked the same path and are here to guide you each step of the way by providing accessible course content and individualized support.

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In Recovery for Substance Abuse

Putting down the substance is only the first step in recovery; the real work comes in learning to live life on life’s terms – without numbing or escaping. The thought of rebuilding your life can seem overwhelming, but we address each challenge one by one while fostering your self-efficacy and coping skills.

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Involved with At-Risk or Justice-Impacted Youth

All of our programming can be tailored to address the issues and challenges unique to the youth population in order to give them the tools, resources – and hope –they need to change the trajectory of their lives. We’re happy to work with you to design a custom program to meet your specific needs.

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A Family Member

Family support can play a major role in helping someone get back on their feet. By taking our programming alongside your loved one, you will gain a better understanding of the challenges they face as they work to rebuild their life and learn actionable steps you can take to support them on their journey.

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An Organization

2nd Opportunity works with other businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies that share our goal of building a better future for individuals who have experienced life-changing setbacks. We deliver value through our complementary programming and follow-up services, through thought leadership, and through community outreach. We offer various methods of distribution to meet you where you are.

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An Employer

Yes! 2nd Opportunity can work with you to provide skills training to candidates to help them reintegrate into society, acclimate to employment scenarios, and develop communication and conflict resolution skills. We also offer training to management teams about selecting, hiring, onboarding, and managing trauma-impacted individuals to ensure that the employment experience is positive and beneficial for all.
Thank you whole-heartedly, Mr. Ghilarducci. I will forever be appreciative of the time you shared to help catapult me (and many others) in a positive direction.

Quentin G.

Your presentation couldn’t have been more successful. Over 200 attended the presentation, and all were fully engaged. The multiple standing ovations you received are testimony to how impactful your story was!

Harold O.

Toastmasters International

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