Our story started by one person giving another a SECOND OPPORTUNITY.

Augie Ghilarducci was introduced by a mutual friend to Mike Owens in a prison visiting room. Augie was 8 months shy of completing his 12-year sentence.  Augie explained how he had been active in a Community Outreach Program offered through the prison. Beginning in 2009, Augie presented to students at local universities, as well as, to business and leadership groups. At the request of prison staff, Augie researched and created the Values-Aligned Goal Setting© program to greatly enhance the preparedness of his peers, as they transition to their families’ and communities.

In May, 2017, two months before Augie’s return to Chicago, Mike returned to the prison visiting room specifically to hire him to serve as Director of Training and Development at Mike’s executive search and staffing firm, OSG Global. Those that know Mike are not surprised at his willingness to provide a person a second chance. In fact, it runs in the family. Mike’s parents, Tom and Mary Owens founded The Cara Program in 1991. The mission of Cara Chicago is to train and mentor individuals needing career and life skills to enjoy gainful employment.

Within a few months a decision was made to create Second Opportunity, L3C and give it its own identity to specifically provide this specialized content and training to Nonprofits, Workforce Development Organizations, and Government Agencies. Dan Effrein joined the firm as its Managing Member to provide leadership and assemble a team committed to the mission of the organization. The response has been overwhelming. Augie and 2nd Opportunity regularly provide programs inside jails and prisons, workforce development organizations, substance abuse recovery centers and in collaboration with Non-Profit Organizations. These proprietary programs focus on life skill development for men and women seeking a second chance.

The mission and purpose of 2nd Opportunity, L3C continues to expand. A growing network of Nonprofit Organizations engage the services of 2nd Opportunity as a means to increase their programming in a cost-effective manner. Additionally 2nd Opportunity is involved, through various consortium, in identifying employers who recognize the benefits of hiring from the labor pool with which 2nd Opportunity works. These companies demonstrate Social Responsibility while simultaneously solving their critical staffing needs. 2nd Opportunity facilitates this process by referring individuals to these companies which, in many cases, creates a profoundly positive Life Changing Event for the individual in locating meaningful employment at a living wage.